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Patch Analyst is an extension to the ArcView® GIS system that facilitates the spatial analysis of landscape patches, and modeling of attributes associated with patches. It is used for spatial pattern analysis, often in support of habitat modeling, biodiversity conservation and forest management. Please register with mailing list to be kept informed of changes, bug fixes, updates, etc.

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Patch Analyst Downloads

NOTE: Releases compiled for ArcMAP 9.3 and 10. Both versions are coded in VB.Net, and have all functions enabled. (updated April 2nd, 2012.)

Click on link for download and to review final installation steps.

    Patch Analyst 5.0 for ArcGIS 9.3

    Patch Analyst 5.1 for ArcGIS 10

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Older Versions:

    Patch Analyst 4.2 for ArcGIS 9.3

    Patch Analyst 3.12 for ArcView 3.x


Patch Analyst was developed under the Spatial Ecology Program (Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research), with programming support from the Thunder Bay Geomatics Service Centre, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Thunder Bay, ON.

Patch Analyst © should be cited as: Rempel, R.S., D. Kaukinen., and A.P. Carr. 2012. Patch Analyst and Patch Grid. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

© Queens Press, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, 2012

Webpage update: April 2nd, 2012