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Spatial Ecology Program - Analysis Tools
LSLTool LSLTool is a spatial modelling system consisting of a scripting language and integrated development environment (LSL) and a GUI to run model scripts that supports the development and testing of models that calculate habitat and landscape pattern and composition metrics.
Landscape Points Sampler (LPS) The Landscape Points Sampler (LPS) is a software application that locates sample points on a landscape in accordance with a
number of configurable sample designs.
Binary Bayesian Regression Interface (BBRI) BBRI is an interface to the BBR group of Bayesian logistic regression programs (BBRTrain, BBRClassify, BXR Train and BXRClassify)
Transect Point Density (TPD) The program Transect Point Density uses "plotless" point-density estimators to calculate estimates of object density, and corrects these estimates based on an index of spatial contagion or clumpiness.
Patch Analyst Patch analyst is an extension to the ArcGIS® software
system that facilitates the spatial analysis of landscape
patches and the modeling of attributes associated with
Point Count Point count is a program to faciliate the recording of songbird identification information while listening to playbacks. It can also be used in the field.
Community Similarity Community Similarity is a program to calculate pairwise comparsions of community similarity and site level metrics of species diversity
Ecosite Keys Attribute based keys to identify boreal ecosites, and to crosswalk between FEC and ELC ecosites.

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